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In days gone by all the towns and villages in Turkey had a bathhouse where the local people gathered regularly to relax and exchange gossip. The baths were segregated and were open at a set time for men and women, nowadays however most baths are mixed.

No visit to Turkey is complete without experiencing a Turkish bath. Not only will you feel completely clean and relaxed afterwards, but it is also an excellent way of prolonging your tan.

On entering the baths you will be able to leave your valuables and clothing in a locker. You will then be given a “pesternal”, a thin wrap-around sarong, (which can be worn over your swimwear if you wish), as well as a pair of plastic slippers or wooden clogs to wear on your feet and later a towel for drying off. You can then go through into the main marble-lined bath chamber to relax in the steamy atmosphere. Around the chamber you will find marble wash basins with hot and cold running water to mix and dowse yourself with using the traditional metal dish provided.

At the heart of the ''hamam'', (Turkish bath), is the ''gobek tasi'', (navel stone), a raised marble platform positioned directly over the wood furnaces that heat the premises. Here you will receive your first massage; a brisk rub-down with a loofah mitt to exfoliate dead skin. The second masseur will then cover you from head to toe with rich soap bubbles and massage each part of your body, untying all those knots…an experience not to be missed!

Finally take a shower and enrobe yourself in thick towels ready for a drink perhaps and some more relaxation time.

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