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Seatrade Cruise Review
December 2008

To read a copy of Seatrade Article published in December 2008, click the first page link.
To read a copy of Seatrade Article published in December 2008, click the second page link.

On the Med Shore, Marmaris marketed a one-stop-two-destinations package offering excursions to the Greek island of Rhodes as well as local Turkish attractions. Port Manager, Marmaris Cruise Port A.S., also operates the small but attractively located port at Didim, which in its first season pulled in 19 calls, including Windstar and The World. Replicating Marmaris’s one-stop-two-destinations model, Didim also offers a Greek island tour to Kos.

Marmaris will have a new passenger terminal in operation for 2009 and is expecting 77 calls (five more than 2008). The destination should be better known, claims Sukru Tugay, managing director of Marmaris Cruise Port. ‘We have many important sites,’ he says. Tugay is also expecting additional lines at Didim in the form of Club Med, SeaDream and Marco Polo, and the destination has 3 confirmed calls, and 15 are expected (four down on 2008). Didim is limited by the lack of a suitable pier, which means most vessels have to anchor in the bay. ‘I’m sure Didim would get a hundred calls a year if there was a pier,’ he said, but nothing is planned for now.

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